Push Button Flush

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We have traditional and contemporary WCs sets,including space saving
designs for smaller rooms .

All these at very affordable prices.

Wcs sets consists the flushing mechanisms,the sit &cover system.

In this type,the flushing system in activated through a button .

There are those with a
single button and those with two buttons,

a)The single button wcs are of two

-one category you hold the button down for some time so the water can flow.

-the other category you press the button once and release so the water can

b)The two buttoned Wcs has the advantage that you can control the amount
of water flowing out.

One button has minimum water flow(approximately a third of the tank) and the
other maximum water flow(full tank)

This means it is economical toilet to use.it is highly recommended in public
places and in offices because of its economic use of water.It
has been proven to reduce the use of water by two thirds.

The other great advantage is that, the button do not get destroyed easily
.Since you need to press the button very gently ,the
mechanism is longer lasting compared to the handle one .



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