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What We Do

Joy Bathrooms business began in 1980 at its first site near Ectovile in Nairobi. Today, Joy Bathrooms is a private company and among Kenya’s most successful manufacturing and supplier of plumbing and bathroom products.

Products and Services for Construction

For over 20 years Joy Bathrooms has provided products and a dedicated service to the construction industry. We’re proud of the reputation we have earned over that time for “having what you need, when you need it, where you need it.”


Joy bathrooms currently has one showroom where retail customers can enjoy a huge range of locally manufactured bathroom products including Kenyan and international brands. Our showroom also displays a range of laundry and kitchen products.

 Specialised Solutions

As the plumbing industry has become more specialized Joy Bathrooms has expanded into the allied areas of solar water heating as well as instant water heaters which services commercial plumbers and volume home builders. Joy Bathrooms has quickly built a successful presence in these areas through its commitment to quality products and exceptional service.

Our Approach

The way we do business is summed up in what we call The JB Way: To be the best by constantly improving the  products and service we provide our customers.

This commitment to continuous improvement and customer service underpins everything we do in all areas of our business, from store presentation to staff training. Through our Continuous Improvement Program we encourage all staff to review processes and develop ways of doing things faster, smarter and better.

We work hard to ensure all our people share the values that have been the foundation of our success. Values that reward innovation and effort, that promote teamwork and accountability, that respect integrity and humility and that instill a belief in each of us that anything is possible if you are prepared to make it happen.


Joy Bathrooms has pioneered many of the services and initiatives in the industries in which we operate.  We are honored to be the only manufacturer of acrylic bathtubs in the East and Central Africa region.

In 2012, in a first for the industry, Joy Bathrooms will establish a mobile National Training Centre to help plumbers improve their technical and business skills.

Joy Bathrooms has also influenced trends in bathroom products and design in Kenya.


To elevate the bathroom to one of the most important rooms in the house.


To thrive and continue to set the industry standard in Kenya.


The joy of a beautiful home.